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Pandemic Problems in the Supplement Supply Chain (1)

Pandemic Problems in the Supplement Supply Chain

Can’t find the supplement products you are looking for? The pandemic has put many strains and constraints on the supplement industry, and many of our suppliers are having trouble fulfilling our orders.  If you don’t see something on our shelf that we used to have, or if you have been waiting for your special order for […]

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Simple Healing Face Mask DIY!

Celebrate Pandemic Personal Care Day with some self-care! Make up your own simple and healing facial masks with guidance from Wellness Manager Anne! Ingredients for Simple DIY Facemasks Mix and match based on what your skin needs! Clay: Purifying; attracts oils and draws impurities from pores.  Can be over-drying- use caution by mixing with moisturizing […]

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The Springfield Co-op’s statement on Black Lives Matter

Nothing is enough to say given the crisis of character our country is going through right now.  At the Co-op, we have been talking, sharing, grieving, and getting to work understanding our part in making our community safe and welcoming.  So we start here. “Hate does not grow well in the rocky soils of Vermont.” […]

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Intro to Omega-3s

by Wellness Manager Anne Fletcher, July 2020 What is an Omega fatty acid? Omega-3, -6, and 9s are polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), meaning in their chemical structure they are not “saturated” with hydrogen, leading to double bonds between the carbon atoms in the fatty acid chain.  The number in the name refers to the location […]

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Smoothie Season!

New year, new goals, new food! Whether you’re looking to dive into healthier eating or just want to change up your daily routine, smoothies are a great way to get started. Smoothies offer a versatile, affordable, quick and easy way to add nutrition and variety to your diet. Check out this simple guide to DIY-ing […]

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