Local is a focus in all our departments, but stands out especially in our cheese selection. We offer a heavenly assortment of Vermont-made cheeses, including Plymouth Artisan, Grafton Village, Neighborly Farms, VT Creamery, & many more.

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to expand our selection! We participate in the “Cave to Co-op” program, a partnership between the Neighboring Food Co-op Association, distributor Provisions International, and New England’s artisan cheesemakers. This wonderful program works to provide area co-ops with a new, regionally-made cheese each month. Check out this month’s highlighted cheese below!

If you are looking for a special cheese, or have any other questions, call us at 802-885-3363! We’re happy to help you find the cheese of your dreams!


You can read more about the Cave to Co-op program here!

Provisions International

Neighboring Food Co-op Association

Provisions International has declared September Organic Cheese Month! 

“To meet the USDA’s ‘organic’ criteria, farmers have to strictly care for the land they’re raising animals on, and can’t use synthetic fertilizers or genetic engineering. There are also serious rules about what the milk animals can and can’t eat and the methods by which they are raised and taken care of. In a report published in 2015, the USDA showed that when cows eat grass and are given the freedom to graze, their milk has higher levels of healthy fats than milk from cows raised in more restricted, non-organic conditions. Specifically, there was 36% more omega-3 fatty acids and 25-30% more conjugated linoleic fatty acids than the milk from the conventionally raised cows. And there is no exposure to antibiotics, toxic pesticides, synthetic hormones and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Sounds good to us!”

Check in week to week for featured organic cheeses. This week, we’ve brought in beautiful Eidolon from The Grey Barn in Nantucket.

This is an organic bloomy-rind cheese, made from grass-fed cows on Martha’s Vineyard. This is a bright, soft cheese that showcases the variety of delicate, seasonal flavors produced from pasture-grazed cows. This cheese is a delightful treat for the fall months, as it pairs beautifully with crisp ciders and fresh apples.

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