Q: Can anyone shop at the Co-op?
A: Yes! Everyone is welcome to shop at the Co-op.


Q: What types of payment does the Co-op accept?
A: The Co-op accepts cash, personal checks with phone number, Visa, MC, Discover, Debit cards, Co-op gift cards as well as EBT/SNAP.


Q: Does the Co-op sell gift cards?
A: Yes, you can purchase a gift card in any amount. You can purchase a gift card over the phone or in person.


Q: Do you have to live in Springfield to join?
A: No. Our members come from Vermont, NH, and other states.


Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: All members must pay a onetime membership fee of $85.00. You may pay the membership fee in installments starting with $25, and then $10 a month until paid in full. The membership fee covers you and all household members. For qualifying participants, we also offer our Food for All membership option! Learn more about it here.


Q: Does the Co-op accept cents-off coupons? Food Stamps? WIC?A: The Co-op accepts manufacturers’ cents-off coupons for any product that we sell. We also accept EBT and SNAP. We are not accepting WIC at this time.


Q: What does the Co-op carry? Does the Co-op carry organic food?
A: The Co-op carries a wide variety of products to serve a diverse population with a variety of needs. We sell an excellent selection of local products and organic and conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables, groceries, health food, vitamins, bulk items, household items, pet products, gifts, & housewares.


Q: What if the Co-op does not carry the items I need?
A: If we have access through our distributor we will special order the items. If you are unable to find what you need, any staff member will be happy to help you!


Q: Do Members have to work at the Co-op?
A: No. but if you have an interest in volunteering please see our General Manager for more details.


Q: What are the other benefits of membership?
A: We find that the Co-op allows for a relaxed shopping experience, conversations with neighbors, family and friends and a deeper connection with your food source. It’s our belief that this all contributes to a healthier, happier community.

6 Main Street, Springfield, VT 05156, (802) 885-3363

HOURS: Monday - Friday: 7AM-7PM · Saturday: 8AM-7PM · Sunday 9AM-5PM