About Us

Welcome to the Springfield Food Co-op! 

The Springfield Food Co-op has been a community staple for over 25 years. We are open to all, and work to provide healthy, natural affordable grocery, wellness, fresh produce, meats, and deli items to everyone in our community. We are member-owned by over 2,300 individuals, and we serve anyone who walks through the doors. We strive to support our local economy with excellent jobs, fair prices to local farmers and vendors, accessible food options, and community giving.

Our Mission

The Springfield Food Co-op operates as a member owned store that provides healthy natural foods, emphasizing local and organic products in keeping with the International Cooperative Principles and values, and with our Purposes and Aims.

Our History

Buying clubs sprang up all around the Springfield area in the 1970s. These small groups of dedicated individuals preceded the Springfield Food Co-op with their consumer demand for healthful and socially responsible alternatives to big grocery. As more people joined these clubs, a storefront became a more convenient way to access the desired goods. A tiny cooperative named The Pantry was open in downtown Springfield for about 5 years but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Then in 1992 a board of directors was formed and the Springfield Food Co-op opened on the Chester Road. A wide selection of dry goods, produce, and health products were available in this charming and convenient community setting for 13 years.  The Co-op was notified in 2005 that they would have to vacate their Chester Road location. There was not enough time to make arrangements to move immediately, so by August of 2005 the Co-op sold off its goods and the doors closed.

Eight months later, with the generous help of volunteers, the Co-op reopened at its current location, 335 River Street. The Co-op has evolved quite a bit over the years, but it continues to offer a natural selection of choices ripe for the pick’n. There’s little bit of everything, 365 days a year.

Our Future

The Springfield Food Co-op is planning to purchase real estate for a new store location at 6 Main Street, Springfield, VT.  The Co-op has seen significant growth in the last few years and our Member-Owners have asked for a larger store to better serve our community.

The Springfield Food Co-op has experienced great success since it was founded twenty seven years ago, reaching over $2 million in annual sales as of its last fiscal year. We are very close to outgrowing our current location and plan to have a better working environment for our staff and provide an easier, more pleasant shopping experience for our customers. The market study conducted in spring of 2017 forecasts much greater annual sales in a downtown location.

We are unbelievably excited for our new store’s potential, and ability to grow with our community! Read more about our plans for expansion by clicking here.

6 Main Street, Springfield, VT 05156, (802) 885-3363

HOURS: Monday - Friday: 7AM-7PM · Saturday: 8AM-7PM · Sunday 9AM-5PM