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The Co-op is a consistent source of reasonably priced, natural, local and organic foods and products. When you shop at the Co-op you’re not only doing something great for your personal health, you’re doing good for the local community and for the planet.

Buying from local farmers and suppliers helps to build a strong and sustainable economy by keeping dollars in our community. Local food tastes better and has more nutritional value than food shipped hundreds or thousands of miles. Organic production has far fewer negative environmental impacts on soil, water, and air than conventional farming; and eating organic whole foods has countless human health benefits.

When you shop at the Co-op you get to know your neighbors and the people who grow and make your food.

The Co-op is owned by its members! As a member of the Co-op, you have the option of attending the Annual Meeting, voting on Co-op issues and for the Board of Directors. Members may also serve as a member of the Board, or participate in other volunteer activities.

Co-op members are eligible for patronage dividends on our year-end profits…the more you shop, the bigger your dividend!
Other benefits include a 10% discount on case orders, monthly member sales, every day Wellness savings, and Member Appreciation Days held throughout the year. Member-owners also may be eligible to invest in the Co-op and its upcoming move and expanded location through our preferred shares program. Click here to learn more.

Membership is a low one-time fee of $85 per household. There are no annual membership dues. The Co-op is happy to accept membership payment in installments. Initial payment is $25.00 with additional monthly payments of $10.00 until the membership fee is paid in full.

To join, simply stop by the store and fill out the new member form. Your membership benefits start immediately.

This program was originally implemented in 2017 as part of the Community Roots Outreach Projects (CROPs) and the Co-op’s desire to do more for the local community. The Food For All Discount Program allows those who qualify a full Co-op membership with an extended payment plan and 10% off in the store.

Now, in addition to this original option, we are offering the 10% discount without requiring membership, just proof of eligibility.

If you already receive one of the following benefits, you are automatically eligible for our program: SSquaresVT, SNAP, WIC, or SSI. Or, if you are working with one of our Community Partners (Springfield Area Parent Child Center, Springfield Family Center, and SEVCA), you can ask them for a letter that verifies your eligibility.

Please stop in and pick up one of our brochures for more information, and for an application. Questions? Want an application sent to you?


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