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Smoothie Season!

New year, new goals, new food! Whether you’re looking to dive into healthier eating or just want to change up your daily routine, smoothies are a great way to get started. Smoothies offer a versatile, affordable, quick and easy way to add nutrition and variety to your diet. Check out this simple guide to DIY-ing […]

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Springfield on the Move

In the midst of the holiday shopping season, many of us consider donating to organizations doing good in our community and world. If we are fortunate enough to have food in our bellies (and pantries) and a warm, safe place to live, we can also think about those who may be struggling or are giving […]

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Local Loyalty Program 2019 – Shop Local, Win Prizes!

Springfield’s Holiday Local Loyalty Program is back! Brought to you by the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Springfield Food Co-op and area merchants. SHOP LOCAL AND WIN!Program runs November 29th through December 31st, 2019. Join us in the initiative to build community pride and help support area businesses this holiday season! […]

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Co-op Month: By the Community, For the Community

October is National Co-op Month and this year’s theme is ‘By the Community, For the Community’. If this doesn’t sum up the nature of a co-op precisely, I don’t know what does. I wish this celebratory month had a butterfly as its symbol because that is how I feel the community and the Co-op grow […]

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Springfield EcoChallenge 2-23 October 2019

Why we should challenge ourselves: In an age where we are becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact many of our habits and inventions are having on this planet and how quickly we need to reverse them before the damage has gone too far, it is important for communities of individuals making small changes to […]

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Julie's Co-op Essentials

Julie’s Essentials: September

Brand:  ScoutProduct: Stone Wrap Bracelet/Necklace —I was visiting a local gift shop in another small Vermont town and the owner of the gift shop was wearing two of the Scout Stone Wrap Bracelet/Necklaces.  I was wowed!!!  I wanted two for myself.  I love everything about these Bracelet/Necklaces including the colors, the beads, the ability to […]

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Julie's Co-op Essentials

Julie’s Essentials: August

                                              Brand:  PranaromProduct: Just Pain Relief Roller If you pulled one too many weeds or hiked one too many trails, Just Pain Relief Roller is the product to have in your backpack, medicine cabinet, and/or purse. Just Pain Relief provides natural relief for occasional muscle soreness. This product is topical icy and warming support for healthy […]

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Recipe: Berry Yogurt Ice Pops!

With day after day of warm sun finally shining down on us (perhaps still with an intermittent garden watering day of rain) the need for cool and refreshing treats is upon us! The local strawberries are here in force and there are whispers of local blueberries on the air, so why not make these delectable […]

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Sesame Roasted Asparagus With Warm Pot Stickers!

It is that time of year when the strange asparagus plant spears its way up through the mulch, passing through the slender phase in which we try to nab it, before continuing on to create a fairytale forest of wispy trees. Here at the Springfield Food Co-op we have a beautiful supply of local asparagus […]

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