Springfield on the Move

In the midst of the holiday shopping season, many of us consider donating to organizations doing good in our community and world. If we are fortunate enough to have food in our bellies (and pantries) and a warm, safe place to live, we can also think about those who may be struggling or are giving of themselves to help others. Springfield on the Move works hard to make downtown Springfield a vibrant center of our community that all will benefit from. They are also our fiscal partner for tax-deductible donations that help with our upcoming relocation project. Please consider donating to them either for the co-op’s project or for their many other activities to benefit Springfield. Contact Neomi or Lucy in the co-op office at 885-3361 for more information about making a donation to benefit the co-op expansion. For information about Springfield on the Move you may contact Jessica Martin at springfieldonthemove@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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