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Co-op Month: By the Community, For the Community

October is National Co-op Month and this year’s theme is ‘By the Community, For the Community’. If this doesn’t sum up the nature of a co-op precisely, I don’t know what does. I wish this celebratory month had a butterfly as its symbol because that is how I feel the community and the Co-op grow […]

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Springfield EcoChallenge 2-23 October 2019

Why we should challenge ourselves: In an age where we are becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact many of our habits and inventions are having on this planet and how quickly we need to reverse them before the damage has gone too far, it is important for communities of individuals making small changes to […]

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Springfield Wellness Week: 24th – 30th March

Year two of Wellness Week in Springfield, VT brings plenty of exciting (and free) activities all over town. Whether you’re curious about yoga, interested in improving your grocery shopping finances, dying for a walk in a beautiful part of town, or ready for a  relaxing evening of knitting; this week is ripe with opportunities for […]

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