Earth Friendly Secrets About the Co-op and Springfield Green Up Day!

The merry month of May is upon us! As April and its showers turns it rainy shoulder over (or so we hope) and begins to slumber until next year we dream of the sunshine and bright colors of the month to come! With April goes Earth Day, or as we here at the Co-op made it, Earth Month… but is it gone?


No! It is wonderful that we have a day to laden with Earth friendly events to bring awareness and fun to a green life, but for such a dream to be successful we must practice this way of living every day. Every day we must respect this awe inspiring planet that we exist on not only for our sake, but for all that is living around us.


Here at the Co-op we feel very strongly about this. Being friendly to the Earth has always been on our minds, but of late we have been pushing hard to make a difference concerning our store’s footprint on the planet. It is our hope and dream to reduce our plastic usage as much as possible, re-use as much existing packaging as we can, and run our store with increasing sustainability.


We have been introducing all sorts of credits as encouragement and a show of appreciation for the bringing in and re-use of containers. The list has been growing quite a lot recently, so here are all of the credits in one place!



Co-op Credits


🍎 For bringing in your own shopping bags – 5¢ per bag used

🍎 Using your own mug/cup for coffee, tea, and kombucha – 20¢

🍎 For using your own container (be it bag, tupperware, re-used glass jars, or anything else that can contain) for bulk, produce, larger quantities of kombucha, and anything else that needs containing – 5¢ per used container


🍎 It is also important to return your Strafford milk bottles, both for the planet and the farmers are very appreciative, too! Plus you get the $1.50 deposit per bottle back when you do!


Remember to bring your containers up to the registers before you fill them so we can get a tare weight and you don’t have to pay for the weight of the container.




Did You Know…?


🍎 Speaking of happy farmers, another thing that may not be generally known is that we take empty paper egg cartons and give them to our local egg farmers to use. They have lots of eggs, especially right now, so bring your egg cartons up to the register and we will gladly take them! It would be especially nice to see the return of the cartons purchased here that way the farmers can re-use their labels as well.


🍎 We’re working on a better place for them, but we actually take re-usable bag donations and they are there if you need one in a pinch. Borrow it for a time, keep it for now, or donate all those mysterious bags that multiply in the closet!


🍎 Once we run out of our plastic straws you won’t be seeing them again! The metals straws that have been present around the store to purchase will be what we have. Purchase one now or purchase one then and slip it in your bag or maybe alongside your bamboo utensils so you have it on the go!


🍎 Small changes really do matter! We’ve switched our credit card tape rolls to a new option, one with less plastic & more paper per roll! We’re also saving all our used plastic tubes to be used for art projects at a local school.



Green Up Day – Springfield

Saturday 4th May 2019


Green Up Day isn’t just in Springfield, it’s Vermont wide and has an interesting history. In fact Green Up Vermont will be celebrating 50 years in 2020! To learn more here is a handy timeline on the official site, which is also the home of much more information besides! Springfield had 170 volunteers last year!

Here’s what you need to know about Springfield, VT’s Green Up Day…


🍎 Official Event: 8AM to 12PM there will be trash pick up, mulching, and other clean up focused in the downtown area. Meet in the People’s United Bank lot and there will even be a cookout after the fact for those who helped!


The time for bag pick-up has passed for collecting trash along the roads, but this downtown event will be fun and do wonders for the town! You will find a link to the event here.

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