Springfield Wellness Week: 24th – 30th March

Year two of Wellness Week in Springfield, VT brings plenty of exciting (and free) activities all over town. Whether you’re curious about yoga, interested in improving your grocery shopping finances, dying for a walk in a beautiful part of town, or ready for a 

relaxing evening of knitting; this week is ripe with opportunities for these and everything in between.


All levels of health are important, especially as we enter the period where winter is seeing itself out taking its own sweet time and we’re all stir crazy with a lack of fresh air, movement, and some struggling to hold together our suffering finances. Take the opportunities that this week holds to treat yourself and find inspiration to motivate your way into spring!


Of course the Co-op is participating, if you even had to ask. We are where the knitting is happening, and what better way to wind down your Tuesday with a couple hours of knitting in good company. Whether you’re a beginner or old hand you are welcome! We will be knitting from 5:30 – 7:30PM Tuesday, March 26th in the community room at the Co-op.


It’s not too late to join in, the week is young and there are plenty of activities planned! To find more information about the week you can go to the official site, and for a list of events with descriptions you can click here.

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