Staff Picks! Chloe Has Chosen: Tony’s Chocolonely 42% Dark Milk Chocolate Pretzel Toffee Bar

🍎 Who: Chloe – Front End Team


🍎 Chosen Co-op Gem: Tony’s Chocolonely – 42% Dark Milk Chocolate Pretzel Toffee Bar


🍎 Why: This treat is satisfying in so many ways, to quote Chloe, it is a “texture adventure to flavor town.” The bar itself is thick, with fascinating shapes to break off (and an even more interesting meaning behind those shapes). The chocolate is smooth and creamy which contrasts wonderfully with the crunch of pretzel and toffee. Plus it’s sweet and salty! Chloe also loves what the company stands for.



Where to begin with Tony’s! The effort this company is making to create a slave free chocolate world is amazing. Their goal isn’t a small one, but they have already made a notable dent with their efforts. In addition they have awareness of the environment and make choices with their product to have a positive impact on it. On top of all this Tony’s chocolate just tastes wonderful.


🍎 Where: Tony’s Chocolonely can be a little elusive in its location. As is the way of chocolate, all of it likes to loiter by the registers, eager to be snatched up and thoroughly enjoyed. Tony’s is amongst it, but whether it is in the grand chocolate isle across from the registers, or in the more modest chocolate abode beside the registers can change on a whim. (Pssst… if you ask at the registers, we may have even more flavors and sizes in the back!)


🍎 Learn more about Tony’s Chocolonely: 

Tony’s Chocolonely website (they have wonderfully accessible information about their mission here)


🍎Bonus! It is also on sale right now!

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