Celebrating Bulk Week!

We Have Declared It Bulk Week – Come One, Come All!

Whether you are a member, a regular face, or just stopping by for a snack on your travels– ALL bulk items (unless already on sale) are 5% off this week, October 15th – 21st! We wanted to take this week to bring attention to what buying in bulk means to our planet and what we have to offer to those in our community.
My time with this co-op team has only been a short couple of months which means every day is full of discoveries of new gems hidden about the store. I have also had the opportunity to get some idea of which products tend to go unnoticed. With this in mind I am hoping that this, my first co-op blog post, will be inspirational and teach you some new things about your Co-op!

Bulk Benefits
The why for you and the Earth…

🍎Less waste! An enormous amount of packaging is involved with groceries these days and unfortunately that packaging is finding its way into our rivers and oceans, animals and earth. Buying in bulk is an opportunity to make a dent in the amount of waste affecting our planet.

🍎Get the amount that you need! One teaspoon of exotic spice, the recipe says, and yet there you are with a full bottle of the stuff, the recipe wasn’t your cup of tea, and you’re at a loss for what to do with the rest of the bottle. Instead, come to our bulk aisle and get exactly the amount you need whether it be spices, nuts, flours, grains, rising agents, and more!

🍎Try new things! Become adventurous, try those mysterious items you may hesitate to purchase when faced with a whole bottle. Purchase a pinch of black salt, or perhaps one mug’s worth of intriguing chaga mushroom tea, or a little of that spice you’re not sure how to pronounce. You never know, you may love it!

Bulk Bounty
Items you may not know we have…

🍎Honey (Singing Cedars local raw honey $5.49/lb, just ask at the register!)
🍎Dish and laundry detergent (ask at the register for these, too.)
🍎Dr Bronner’s castile soap (different scents, to be found in Wellness!)
🍎Oils, vinegars, and tamari (Bulk aisle)
🍎Maple syrup, molasses, and vanilla (Bulk aisle)
🍎Tofu (lurking in the bottom left of the long cooler at the back of the store.)

Perhaps you need some bulk beeswax for your candle making, or some dried lavender and rose buds for your sachets (we also carry sachet bags), or maybe you would like some foil wrapped chocolate hearts for special trick-or-treaters in your life. All of these things can be found around our store, if you would like some direction don’t hesitate to ask one of our team members and they will gladly point you in the right direction for your treasure hunt.

We welcome and encourage you to bring in your own containers to fill with our bulk products, just before you begin your shopping bring them up to the register to be weighed. If you are in need of a container we do carry some glass jar options in the bulk aisle as well as reusable bags which have the dual purpose of being good for vegetables as well as bulk. These currently reside near the potatoes.

Come on an adventure through our small store, where there is much to be discovered, try new things that catch your eye, and revel in the extra treasure of the savings to be had this week! Ask any of our willing guides if you need any help and thank you for supporting your local planet and co-op!


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