Connecting With Food: A Series of Workshops

We have some exciting news here at the Co-op, the one and only Abby (of the Front End Team and beyond) is curating a wonderful series of workshops this year with an aim to explore our connection with food. As everyone probably knows, food is very important to us human beings, and our relationship with it has changed much over the course of our existence. On one hand, those of us who are lucky enough have an unbelievable knowledge of food from far and wide in a way that would have been unimaginable to our ancestors of yor, but on the other hand we are so far from the roots of what we eat it is a little concerning.


Our vegetables don’t just appear in the grocery store by magic (though all the work that farmers do is quite magical), but more and more it seems this impression is subliminally prevailing. Not for everyone, but it’s there. Which is why we are excited to hold this series of workshops!

Abby has quite the variety planned, with opportunities to learn about what we eat and how we eat it, from a number of angles, and with an eye on encouraging people to develop a deeper personal connection with their food.


Our first workshop is coming next week!



There will be more information to come very soon, but here is a sneak peek at the workshops ahead!


🍎March: Equal Exchange Workshop and Presentation

🍎April: “Food Chains” documentary screening with Abby

🍎May: Planting Seeds at the Co-op! A growing adventure for kids.


Further out in the future there are more dreams working their way to reality. A Farm To Table experience, classroom visits teaching about where our food comes from, and a field trip to the wonderful Soul Fire Farm for one of their volunteer days!

There is a lot of growth happening here at the Co-op and much excitement surrounding it, we hope you are excited too and that we will see you as soon as next Tuesday to learn about the multi-talented Fire Cider!

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