Why Woodstock Products!

Why Woodstock?
When Vermont passed the first active Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) labeling law earlier this year, we knew there would be a legal backlash. Unfortunately, the Grocers Manufacturing Association (GMA for short) filed a law suit against the state of Vermont. The GMA is the largest food manufacturing lobby in America, and they have used their vast amounts of money to stop new labeling laws.
Conversely,  many companies stand with the 90+% of Americans who believe that GMO’s should be labeled. Woodstock Foods is one of these companies. You can learn more about this brand at their website,http://www.woodstock-foods.com/pages/non-gmo.aspx. The Non-GMO Project is a third party testing organization that scientifically verifies the presence, or lack thereof, of GMO’s in food. Woodstock voluntarily pays for their products to be Non-GMO verified.
I approached the people at Woodstock to see if they could help me pull GMA Member products off the shelves here at the Co-op. Our Woodstock customer service representative was happy to help us! Now we can sell Woodstock’s high quality, organic products at a reduced price; as they stand with us Vermonters in our push to label GMO’s!

Seth Lauritsen
Grocery Manager      

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