Staff Picks! Shadow has chosen: Flying Crow Coffee

Today’s Staff Pick!


🍎 Staff Member: Shadow – Front End Team


🍎 Favorite Co-op Gem: Flying Crow Coffee


🍎 Why: Flying Crow is a quality coffee roasted right here in Springfield, VT! Not only is it made close to home, but it tastes delicious and gives you an abundance of energy to get the day going! (See Shadow for proof ➀)


Flying Crow now has a storefront at 3 N Main St. in Springfield opened limited hours for the buying of coffee. Currently: Friday and Saturday 10AM-3PM. It is with much barely contained excitement that we await the opening of their coffee shop where you can sit and enjoy a cuppa, whether it be coffee or tea!


🍎 Where is this gem hidden in the Co-op: Once you enter the store you must travel into its depths to find the coffee trove. Head to your right and towards the furthest back corner, the corner of frozen things. Perhaps you traverse the middle lane of chips, finally coming to the tower of tea, make a sharp right and there you will be. Follow your nose! Or, you know, ask a staff member, we’re always good for clues!


🍎 Find more info about Flying Crow here:

Flying Crow website

Flying Crow facebook


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6 Main Street, Springfield, VT 05156, (802) 885-3363

HOURS: Monday - Friday: 7AM-7PM Β· Saturday: 8AM-7PM Β· Sunday 9AM-5PM