Staff Picks! Keith Has Chosen: KeVita’s Pineapple Peach Kombucha

🍎 Who: Keith – Front End Team


🍎 Chosen Co-op Gem: KeVita’s Pineapple Peach Kombucha


🍎 Why: Keith, as it turns out, is quite the kombucha fan. He has tried many kombuchas in his day, he even has designated bottles in his car for filling with kombucha in the event that he stumbles across a kombucha spring wherever he may be. Even so, he thinks Kevita has the best taste. Particularly the pineapple peach because, in his words: β€œeach of those flavors is already the best and in combining them they’ve created a Super Flavor Kombucha!”




Apparently when you get an organic winemaker and an holistic nutritionist together in California wonderful kombucha things happen! Even though the company grew quickly their drinks are still made in the USA where they started. They hold high standards for themselves and keep their products organic, GMO free, kosher, and vegan!


🍎 Where: When you enter the Co-op take a right and head down to the glorious deli-made food corner! Across from the bakery counter you will find the shrine to kombucha. Within lies a few varieties including the above praised KeVita and if you take a moment to treasure hunt you may find a $1.00 off coupon stuck here or there…


🍎 Learn more about KeVita: here!

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