Meet Tulip! The Goat Who Inspired Elmore Mountain Farm’s New Small Batch Soap.

Tulip the goat!

Welcome to Elmore Mountain Farm, the business of Bunny and Peter that has grown from family farm with a hobby in goat milk soap making to a producer of glorious all natural goat milk soaps and other natural products, including an arnica cream recently named by Allure magazine as ‘Best New Beauty Product of the Week’!


They really do make a wonderful selection of natural products, all right here in Vermont, and though we do carry a variety of their traditional soaps, there is one soap we have that is particularly special.


Daffodil “Daffy” the daughter of Tulip

‘Tulip’ is the name of this soap, however our product supply is currently masquerading under the secretive name of ‘Batch #2’, the reason for this I believe is because it would be gone in a second if this soap was brought into the spotlight… naturally, that’s what I can’t help doing right now. Because leaving this soap in the shadows is a waste of the possible enjoyment many people could

have. With a beautiful blend of rose and clary sage scent, tulip petals for exfoliation, and a backstory to melt the heart I’m having a hard time not stopping these words in their tracks, bundling all the bars in my arms, and dashing from the store.


The real reason behind the somewhat ambiguous name of “Batch #2” is also interesting. It is part of a series of small batch, unique soaps that they are trying out. In their words “Vermont is well known for its small batch artisan beers, so we thought why not try it with our soaps!” This way their customers have something new and exciting to look forward to on a more frequent basis.


This particular batch, known as ‘Tulip’, began with a very exciting Christmas present from Peter to Bunny. An adorable Nigerian Dwarf goat who’s name, as you may have guessed, is Tulip.


Daffy taking a nap in the chicken coop!

Tulip waits impatiently for Daffy to be done with her chicken coop nap.

She was a much welcome addition to their herd of goats, extraordinarily friendly, and who could resist that face? Tulip had her first kid on the 29th of April, a gorgeous girl named Daffodil, or Daffy for short. Having a kid brought a change over Tulip, who went quickly from her extremely friendly self to a very protective mother telling off anyone who dared to come near, including the chickens. Now her mood has softened, though Daffy doesn’t make it easy for her to relax. Having discovered she fit through the chicken door to the coop, Daffy has been taking naps in one of the chicken boxes, leaving her mother to yell and pace outside until her nap is done.


Though Tulip was their inspiration for this small batch soap, they went with the rose scent in order to keep their products natural with the use of essential oils instead of fragrances, but the petals are there in fond reminder of the beautiful little goat that has brightened Elmore Mountain Farm.

Mother and daughter

Thank you to Bunny for supplying such beautiful pictures of Tulip and Daffy!

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