Board News 3/14/18

Co-op Newsletter March 14, 2018

We’re pleased to welcome a new member, Heather Frahm, to the board. Heather brings with her an extensive background in digital marketing. With her business savvy and enthusiasm, we’re sure she’ll be a valuable asset to our community.

At our most recent board meeting on March 1st, a motion was made and passed to accept a new slate of directors: Lindsay Post as President, Brooke Decker as Vice President, Steve Greene as Treasurer and Heather Frahm as Secretary. Thanks to Lyndsie Perkins for serving as Secretary, Brooke for serving as President and Jane Sandelman for her service as Vice President over the past year.

Please be on the lookout for materials on our new Patronage Dividend system which goes into effect with the start of our new fiscal year starting April 1st. Patronage dividends will be calculated by tracking your purchases throughout the fiscal year. The board will vote on the total amount available for refunds based on the Co-op’s overall profitability at the end of the year. The more you shop Co-op, the more profitable we are and the greater your share of Patronage Dividend. The Patronage Dividend system is part of our overall sustainability model. We hope that it helps to keep members engaged in our financial health and acts as a tool for guiding us into the future.

Carroll Veltrop, Board Member


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