Expansion News!

May 2019

Hi Springfield Food Co-op OWNERS!!!

By now many of you are aware that the board of directors has been exploring expansion options for the past 5+ years. It has been quite the road to get where we are today. It all started in 2015, in response to a customer survey. The board then began researching what it would take to deliver on those requests.

For me, one of the most exciting prospects as we discuss a new and larger space, is the opportunity to sit and enjoy a meal or cup of coffee with a friend in the café area. I can’t tell you how many times, both when I was on staff from 2011-2013 and since then, I have wished for this space to connect with people or just take the time to nourish myself IN OUR co-op!

I am also looking forward to the co-op reaching further into the community with more jobs, the ability to offer real benefits to our staff with increased sales, and increased access to healthy food to more people. The feedback that I have received from many of you is one of excitement and love of the feeling of your co-op. Please know that maintaining the qualities of our beloved co-op is our number one priority as we work with architects and designers. The board is dedicated to providing the membership the features it has asked for and what the co-op needs to do in order to provide those.

As the board of directors continues to work on the feasibility of this project, there will be opportunities to show how much you LOVE YOUR CO-OP. We are launching a capital campaign at the annual meeting on June 12th and your support is crucial to making this exciting opportunity come to fruition.


Lindsay Hargis Post President of the Springfield Food Co-op Board of Directors



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